about us

the most important aspects of the Expat Family Frankfurt are:

  • getting expats together
    getting all of you nice and social expats together who are far away from family and friends

  • organizing events
    every week organizing several casual and fun events like bar / club nights, bbq, picnic @ main river, mixed soccer, ladies night (no guys), hiking, speed meeting, weekend city tours in germany and europe, etc... to help you to get to know each other and make new friends

  • building a family abroad 
    building up a “kind of” new, big, happy and harmonic family abroad to make sure you'll have the best possible time ever in frankfurt / germany!!!

EFF gives it´s members a very personal treatment

at our EFF events all expats are treated with kindness, care and respect. as our member you can talk to us about everything... and we will always try to be there for you as good as we can!

our dream and policy

EFF is the family abroad for all social and friendly expats who are far away from family and friends!

EFF members should have the desire to help each other and to be there for each other.

the most important aspect of the EFF is the “being TOGETHER” in an international group / community!

how cool would it be to meet and get to know at least one person of the officially 193 countries of this planet?!?!

especially nowadays, at a time of globalization, the EFF perfectly demonstrates that all nationalities on this planet can live together not just in peace but have the greatest time ever together!

let´s show the rest of the world how it works!

our team

kai ullmann


if I don´t have the chance to explore and get to know the rest of the world I somehow have to find a way that the rest of the world comes to me.

there are 193 different nationalities on this planet.

i want to meet them all

kathrin schwerdtfeger

vice president

good soul

serap debus

marketing management

bir gün, döner insan yerine 

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